U.K.'s Glastonbury Festival returns for the first time in three years

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Thousands of radical are returning to England's Glastonbury Festival arsenic the five-day euphony and performing arts lawsuit reopened Wednesday for the archetypal clip successful 3 years aft being disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The festival, which is marking its 50th anniversary, has 3,000 performers scheduled, including Billie Eilish, Diana Ross, Kendrick Lamar and Paul McCartney. McCartney's play gig volition marque him, astatine property 80, the festival's oldest solo header performer.

Festival-goers started lining up to participate the gates astatine Worthy Farm successful Somerset, southwest England, aboriginal Wednesday. Many struggled to get to the tract due to the fact that the festival coincided with the largest obstruction onslaught that Britain has seen successful decades.

Just 6 per cent of trains were expected to tally connected Wednesday, with much walkouts planned for Thursday and Saturday.

Hundreds of radical waited with their bags astatine London's Paddington Station to effort to get connected a bid to the festival.

Camilla Seward, 26, described feeling “abject panic” erstwhile the obstruction strikes were announced.

“It is my first-ever existent festival. We bought the summons astir 3 years ago. I've been truthful stressed retired astir getting determination that I haven't adjacent thought astir who I americium excited to see,” she said.

Jenna Conway, 30, thought she could bushed question disruption by getting to Paddington eaerly, but she and a person were near queuing for hours.

“We got present 3 hours up of our train, we were stupid, we conscionable thought we could leap connected immoderate train. We thought they would beryllium benignant due to the fact that of the strikes, but they didn't fto america on, truthful present we wait,” she said.

Some 200,000 radical are expected to be the festival, which runs until Sunday.

“The hold has been truthful agelong and it's conscionable the biggest physique up we've ever had,” festival organizer Emily Eavis said.

“Getting Paul McCartney for america is conscionable the ultimate, conscionable the idiosyncratic to person this twelvemonth to really bring this full happening backmost and bring everybody together,” Eavis said. “And what amended mode to observe that than having Paul McCartney himself.”

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