Two-year licence renewal for some fish farms as Ottawa reveals transition plan for B.C.

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Dozens of fish farms extracurricular the Discovery Islands volition person their licences renewed for different 2 years arsenic Ottawa reveals its modulation program distant from open-net pen salmon farming successful B.C.

A draught model of the program volition beryllium shared successful the coming weeks, launching a caller signifier of nationalist consultation that volition past until aboriginal adjacent year, Fisheries and Oceans Canada Minister Joyce Murray said Wednesday.

The national section hopes to person a last program successful spot by outpouring of 2023. Murray’s ministerial mandate missive tasks her with transitioning food farming retired of B.C. waters by 2025.

“Wild Pacific salmon are an iconic keystone taxon successful British Columbia that are facing historical threats,” said Murray successful a quality release.

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“We admit the urgent request for ecologically sustainable aquaculture technology, and we are prepared to enactment with each partners successful a mode that is transparent and provides stableness successful this transition.”

Meanwhile, renewed food workplace licences volition beryllium subjected to stricter rules, said DFO, including caller standardized reporting requirements, oversea lice absorption plans, arsenic good arsenic chaotic salmon monitoring.

The manufacture volition run wrong the existent regulatory model portion the program is finalized.

 'New study  says unsafe  salmon microorganism  was brought to B.C. by food  farming' 2:04 New study says unsafe salmon microorganism was brought to B.C. by food farming

New study says unsafe salmon microorganism was brought to B.C. by food farming – May 26, 2021

In a release, the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance and BC Salmon Farmers Association called the announcement a “validation” of the value of the salmon farming industry, but 1 that needs greater certainty.

“While we are encouraged that licences person been renewed, we genuinely needed a six-year licence word that reflected our accumulation cycle,” said Timothy Kennedy, president of the Industry Alliance.

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“Longer licence presumption would person provided the assurance to further put successful innovation and technology, starring to continued operational and sustainable improvements, occupation instauration for coastal communities, and greater nutrient security.”

Open-net pen salmon farming is simply a contentious contented successful B.C., wherever galore chaotic Pacific salmon returns are mostly low and stocks are progressively astatine risk.

Opponents of the signifier are acrophobic astir the dispersed of a perchance deadly illness — piscine orthoreovirus, oregon PRV — from penned Atlantic salmon to their chaotic neighbours. Recent studies person suggested PRV whitethorn not beryllium arsenic harmful to Atlantic salmon arsenic immoderate believe, but determination are inactive gaps successful cognition astir however the microorganism and illness impact chaotic stocks.

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Last year, a survey published successful the peer-reviewed diary Science Advances said grounds suggests the microorganism is continuously dispersed betwixt farmed and chaotic Pacific salmon arsenic they migrate past the farms.

PRV, which devastated salmon farms successful Norway, is simply a illness linked to bosom and skeletal musculus inflammation successful farmed salmon, and kidney and liver harm successful chaotic B.C. salmon.

 'New study  says unsafe  salmon microorganism  was brought to B.C. by food  farming' 2:04 New study says unsafe salmon microorganism was brought to B.C. by food farming

New study says unsafe salmon microorganism was brought to B.C. by food farming – May 26, 2021

Galagame Bob Chamberlin, seat of the First Nation Wild Salmon Alliance, said Wednesday’s quality gives him and different Indigenous leaders and stewards a “little spot of hope.” The conjugation has agelong opposed open-net pen salmon farms successful the province.

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“Of people galore of america judge this should person happened a agelong clip ago, but a one-year modulation readying process is invited successful bid to guarantee this is simply a defendable result successful presumption of tribunal enactment oregon imaginable tribunal action,” Chamberlain told Global News.

He besides lauded a dual announcement of resourcing for First Nations to enactment successful the modulation program and related consultations. Many nations person not yet had an accidental to prosecute DFO connected the topic, helium added.

Chamberlin said Wednesday’s quality is the opening of travel for chaotic salmon. After food farms are phased, helium added, the doubling down connected the extortion and remediation of salmon situation tin begin.

In a quality release, the B.C. authorities said it respects national jurisdiction implicit chaotic salmon and volition proceed to enactment arsenic spouse with Ottawa and First Nations to support the resource, and to make a “comprehensive national enactment plan” for those affected by the upcoming transition.

In 2018, the B.C. authorities reached a large statement with First Nations connected Vancouver Island, announcing the modulation of astir a twelve Broughton Archipelago-area food farms by the extremity of 2022. Part of that statement included caller rules for food workplace operators, slated to instrumentality effect this month.

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Beginning successful June, operators necessitate clearance from DFO that they are not adversely affecting chaotic salmon populations, and volition lone person provincial permits oregon renewals if agreements person been reached with the First Nations connected whose territory they operate.

 'Victory successful  the combat  to destruct   open-net food  farms' 4:10 Victory successful the combat to destruct open-net food farms

Victory successful the combat to destruct open-net food farms – Dec 19, 2020

The phasing retired of Discovery Island food farms, however, has been delayed by a national tribunal determination to overturn a 2020 bid from erstwhile fisheries curate Bernadette Jordan. In 2021, Federal Court Judge Elizabeth Heneghan decided the bid breached the close to procedural fairness owed to the 19 food farms that were expected to unopen down by the extremity of June.

While open-net pen salmon farms proceed to operate, Chamberlin expressed sedate interest with the effectiveness of existent regulations successful support chaotic stocks. He said helium looked guardant to reviewing the caller “stricter regulations” promised by Ottawa successful the interim.

According to the BC Salmon Farmers Association, 97 per cent of salmon produced successful Canada is farm-raised. The manufacture employs 14,500 Canadians and generates much than $4 cardinal successful economical enactment annually.

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