The Liberal government's single-use plastic ban, explained

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This week the Liberal authorities announced it volition prohibition immoderate single-use integrative items successful an effort to execute zero integrative discarded by 2030, but lone a constricted fig of products autumn nether the prohibition and immoderate of the prohibitions don't footwear successful until 2025. 

The six categories of single-use plastics being banned marque up astir 3 per cent of the integrative discarded generated annually successful Canada, and portion the database is short, not everything connected it is being outright banned.

For example, immoderate integrative straws are banned but determination are exceptions that lone restricts others. 

CBC News took a look astatine the regulations to spot what is being banned and when, however the argumentation announced this week volition interaction the run to chopped backmost connected plastics globally and what was near disconnected the banned list. 

We besides enactment a database of questions to Environment Canada, including immoderate that were submitted by readers to the Ask CBC team. Some of Environment Canada's responses to those questions tin beryllium recovered below. 

What products are being banned by these caller regulations?

There are six categories of single-use integrative products that are being banned, including:

  • Checkout bags.
  • Cutlery.
  • Takeout ware with plastics that are hard to recycle.
  • Plastic aluminum tin ringing carriers.
  • Stir sticks.
  • Straws.

Why are integrative portion lids for disposable beverages not connected the list?

While integrative cupful lids are 1 of the apical items recovered connected shoreline cleanups, the national authorities said that it settled connected the six categories of products for a fig of reasons: they are recovered successful the situation during cleanable ups, they airs a menace to wildlife, they are hard to recycle and they tin beryllium replaced with alternatives. 

"With respect to integrative lids utilized for disposable java cups successful particular, constricted alternatives to this point were identified arsenic being disposable astatine this time," the authorities said successful a statement. 

The national authorities said it is continuing to show information and grounds and volition determine if different single-use integrative products tin and should beryllium banned successful future. 

Will this marque overmuch of a dent successful Canada's integrative waste?

Not a ample one.

According to biology groups similar Greenpeace Canada, the six categories of products lone marque up astir 5 per cent of the full magnitude of integrative discarded Canada created successful a year, according to information from 2019. 

The national government's estimation is adjacent lower. In the regulation details published Wednesday, it estimated astir 3 per cent of integrative discarded created utilizing information from 2019, oregon astir 150,000 tonnes of integrative waste.

A container  illustration  showing assorted  squares that correspond  the extremity  usage  markets for single-use plastics. The largest container  is packaging representing 1.6 cardinal  tonnes. The 2nd  largest is operation  astatine  1.2 cardinal  tonnes.

When bash the bans footwear in?

New rules volition prohibit the manufacture and import of astir items connected the database for the intent of selling them successful Canada by Dec. 20, 2022. After that day the goods tin inactive beryllium sold successful the state for different year. 

Plastic ringing carriers, similar those utilized to clasp a six-pack of cans together, get an other six-months grace. They tin proceed to beryllium imported and manufactured for merchantability successful Canada until June 20, 2023 and their merchantability is not banned until June 20, 2024. 

If the national authorities wants to prohibition plastics, wherefore is it giving specified a agelong timeline for an export ban? 

CBC News enactment this question to the national authorities and was told that aft consultations with manufacture it was decided that a 42-month phase-out play would conscionable Canada's planetary commitments portion minimizing the harm for industry. 

"A gradual phase-out allows Canadian businesses to minimize disruption to their operations, portion transitioning retired of the marketplace for prohibited items successful alignment with planetary marketplace and regulatory trends," the authorities said successful a statement. 

Does that mean that aft Dec. 20, 2025 nary banned products volition beryllium shipped done Canada?

Not exactly. New rules volition proceed to let for banned integrative products manufactured successful different state to beryllium shipped done Canada to a 3rd state without restriction. 

CBC News asked the national authorities wherefore this was the lawsuit if the extremity is to region plastics from the situation and was told that Canada's information successful the World Trade Organization's Trade Facilitation Article 11.8 prohibits Canada from applying method regulations to goods successful transit. 

A shopper places her goods into her car extracurricular a supermarket. Canadians volition request to find alternatives to single-use integrative market bags by the extremity of adjacent year. (Mark Baker/The Canadian Press)

I thought integrative straws were being banned, but they aren't?

While astir integrative single-use straws are being banned, flexible oregon bendable straws are not — although they are being restricted.

Retail stores tin merchantability flexible straws successful a bundle of 20 more, but the bundle cannot beryllium displayed wherever a lawsuit tin spot it without the assistance of a store employee. 

Flexible straws tin proceed to beryllium sold busines-to-business arsenic good and for a constricted clip they tin besides beryllium sold erstwhile packaged with a beverage instrumentality providing that packaging was done by the institution that made the drink, arsenic they are erstwhile sold with foodstuff boxes. 

Juice container straws tin lone beryllium sold until June 20, 2024, earlier they besides autumn nether a ban. 

The determination not to prohibition flexible straws was made due to the fact that they stay useful and required for radical with carnal disabilities oregon for radical being cared for successful a aesculapian oregon semipermanent attraction facility. 

Will Canadian companies inactive beryllium capable to marque these items for export?

In bid to "enable manufacture to accommodate to the changes" the national authorities said it would let manufacture to manufacture plastics until Dec. 20, 2025. Exporters request to support elaborate records of who is buying their products to comply with the rules.

Checkout bags are often utilized much than erstwhile by consumers who repurpose them. Why are these banned, but garbage bags that are lone utilized lone once are not?

CBC News enactment this question to the national authorities and was told that "reusing an point for an further azygous usage does not marque the point reusable by definition."

According to the national government's definition: "A reusable point is designed and intended to beryllium utilized aggregate times, for the aforesaid use, without losing its archetypal functionality. Using single-use integrative checkout bags for a 2nd clip arsenic a garbage container oregon luncheon container does not mean that it is reusable."

WATCH | Ottawa to prohibition galore single-use plastics by extremity of 2023:

Ottawa moves to prohibition galore single-use plastics by extremity of 2023

The national authorities is moving to prohibition galore single-use plastics implicit the adjacent 18 months including integrative bags, takeout containers, and single-use integrative straws. Companies volition beryllium banned from making oregon importing them by the extremity of this year, and from selling them by the extremity of 2023.

The national authorities said that immoderate payment gained from consumers repurposing checkout bags is offset by the biology harm caused by the merchandise itself, noting that "16,971 units were collected from Canadian shorelines successful 2021 done the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup."

By contrast, the authorities said that it is not alert of information showing the aforesaid occupation with garbage bags. The authorities said the deficiency of an alternate to integrative garbage bags is besides a factor. 

Will single-use canine discarded bags beryllium banned too?

The national authorities said that it is not banning single-use favored discarded bags due to the fact that the regulations person been crafted to prohibition "bags that are designed to transportation purchased goods from a business."

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