Russell Brand denies sexual assault claims as police urged to investigate

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NOTE: The pursuing nonfiction contains disturbing content. Please work astatine your ain discretion.

Four women person accused comedian Russell Brand of rape, intersexual battle and affectional maltreatment arsenic portion of an exposé published by 3 U.K. quality agencies.

The Sunday Times, The Times of London and Channel 4’s investigative programme Dispatches shared the allegations from Brand’s accusers this weekend. All 4 women, who were unnamed, said Brand, 48, sexually assaulted them betwixt 2006 and 2013, astatine the tallness of Brand’s mainstream fame.

Brand has vehemently denied each of the allegations made against him.

The comedian posted a video earlier the reports were made nationalist and said 2 “mainstream media” companies had reached retired to him astir the story. He said helium received “extremely disturbing” letters outlining the allegations against him.

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“Amidst this litany of astonishing, alternatively baroque attacks are immoderate precise superior allegations that I perfectly refute,” helium said. “These allegations pertain to the clip erstwhile I was moving successful the mainstream, erstwhile I was successful the newspapers each the time, erstwhile I was successful the movies and, arsenic I person written astir extensively successful my books, I was very, precise promiscuous.”

Brand said, contempt his promiscuity, “the relationships I had were absolutely, ever consensual.”

“I was ever transparent astir that then, astir excessively transparent, and I americium being transparent astir it present arsenic well,” helium continued.

Brand, who successful caller years has go somewhat of a manner guru and governmental commentator, questioned whether determination is “another docket astatine play.” He implied the allegations against him were portion of a “coordinated media attack” conducted successful retaliation for his nationalist skepticism of mainstream quality organizations, authorities and his affiliations with podcasters similar Joe Rogan.

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The allegations against Brand

The 4 women whose allegations were included successful the bombshell Brand exposé person accused the comedian of abusive, emotionally manipulative — and successful immoderate cases, predatory — behaviour.

One accuser said Brand began a narration with her erstwhile she was lone 16 and helium was 31 years old. The pistillate said Brand often referred to her arsenic “The Child” passim their three-month relationship, which she besides alleged was emotionally abusive. She said Brand asked her to work passages from Vladimir Nabokov’s caller Lolita, astir a middle-aged antheral who kidnaps and sexually abuses a 12-year-old girl.

The pistillate told the media outlets Brand sexually assaulted her astatine his location soon earlier their narration ended. The anonymous accuser claimed Brand forced her to execute oral enactment connected him, and said helium “engaged successful the behaviours of a groomer.”

A 2nd accuser alleged Brand raped her without a condom successful his Los Angeles location successful 2012. The pistillate said she was treated astatine a rape situation centre the aforesaid day. (The Times independently confirmed the woman’s aesculapian records.)

After the alleged rape, the pistillate said she texted Brand “When a miss say(s) NO it means no.” Brand reportedly replied and apologized implicit text.

The 3rd pistillate accused Brand of sexually assaulting her successful 2013 portion they worked unneurotic successful Los Angeles. She told the property that helium threatened to writer her if she told anyone other astir his evident mistreatment.

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The 4th accuser, who met Brand successful the U.K., said the comedian was “physically and emotionally abusive” to her.

Among different allegations included successful the multi-outlet exposé, Brand’s erstwhile idiosyncratic adjunct Helen Berger said she saw Brand stock “intimate pictures of women” with his friends.

EXCLUSIVE: Russell Brand denies accusations of rape, intersexual battle and controlling and emotionally abusive behaviour.

Five women stock their stories with @C4Dispatches successful a associated probe with @thetimes.

Watch Russell Brand: In Plain Sight contiguous astatine 9pm connected @Channel4

— Channel 4 Dispatches (@C4Dispatches) September 16, 2023

In abstracted allegations, a runner said Brand erstwhile flashed his genitals astatine her successful a dressing country and implied that she ought to execute oral sex.

Comedian Daniel Sloss told The Times helium was alert of forums utilized by different pistillate comedians and entertainers to pass 1 different astir Brand and different alleged Hollywood abusers.

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A fig of aged clips from Brand’s clip arsenic a vigor DJ for the BBC and MTV U.K., wherever helium started his career, person besides resurfaced successful the U.K. reports. One specified vigor clip sees Brand connection to bring his adjunct to conscionable Jimmy Saville — the precocious media property who sexually assaulted hundreds of people. Saville requested she beryllium nude.

In 2007 Russell Brand rang Jimmy Saville.This is however the speech went..

— theCULLhasbegun (@BruceLe53509778) September 18, 2023

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Will determination beryllium a constabulary investigation?

London’s Metropolitan Police said they are “aware of media reporting of a series of allegations of intersexual assault” but person not received immoderate authoritative reports, according to the BBC.

“If anyone believes they person been the unfortunate of a intersexual assault, nary substance however agelong agone it happened, we would promote them to interaction police,” the bureau said.

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The Los Angeles Police Department released a akin statement, claiming it has ne'er been told “of immoderate incidents, reports oregon allegations regarding Russell Brand oregon immoderate of the accusers.”

Regardless, the U.K. seat of the Commons women and equalities committee, Caroline Nokes, and the pensions minister, Laura Trott, person some called for determination to beryllium a constabulary probe into Brand.

Nokes, successful an quality connected BBC Radio 4’s Today program, said the allegations against Brand are “incredibly shocking and criminal.”

“I would precise overmuch anticipation that complaints volition beryllium made some to the Metropolitan Police and so successful the States, due to the fact that this merits and needs a transgression investigation, due to the fact that for excessively agelong we person seen men – and the perpetrators of these sorts of crimes are astir invariably men – not being held to relationship for their behaviours and their actions,” she said.

The fallout

A fig of Brand’s erstwhile employers, including Channel 4, the BBC and Banjiay U.K., which produced the Big Brother spinoff hosted by Brand, Big Brother’s Big Mouth, have launched investigations into Brand’s behaviour portion an employee.

The comedian besides had his publishing woody with Pan Macmillan imprint Bluebird suspended amid the outpouring of allegations.

“These are very superior allegations and successful the airy of them, Bluebird has taken the determination to intermission each aboriginal publishing with Russell Brand,” a Bluebird typical told Variety.

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Brand was slated to merchandise a followup to his 2018 publication Recovery: Freedom from our Addictions. It is not yet wide what volition hap to Brand’s latest written work.

Brand roseate to fame arsenic a standup comic successful Britain successful the aboriginal 2000s, which led to starring roles connected Channel 4 and aboriginal BBC Radio, wherever helium capitalized connected a estimation for outrageous behaviour and risqué banter.

He aboriginal made the leap to Hollywood, appearing successful films specified arsenic Forgetting Sarah Marshall successful 2008 and the remake of Arthur successful 2011. Brand was joined to U.S. popular prima Katy Perry from 2010 to 2012.

In caller years, helium transformed himself into a governmental commentator and influencer posting YouTube videos connected subjects specified arsenic idiosyncratic state and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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If you oregon idiosyncratic you cognize is experiencing maltreatment oregon is progressive successful an abusive situation, delight sojourn the Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime for help. They are besides reachable toll-free astatine 1-877-232-2610.

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