Quebec health officials say there are 171 confirmed monkeypox cases in province

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By Staff The Canadian Press

Posted June 21, 2022 2:02 pm

 poll' 2:14 More than fractional of Canadians assured successful monkeypox response, but 55% disquieted astir spread: poll

Warning: This video whitethorn incorporate disturbing content. Discretion is advised. Monkeypox cases are increasing worldwide, but adjacent arsenic wellness officials accidental the hazard to the nationalist is inactive low, a caller survey finds the illness has Canadians concerned. Jamie Mauracher reports.

Quebec wellness authorities are reporting different 30 caller cases of monkeypox, for a full of 171 since the commencement of the outbreak successful the province.

The latest fig is from Monday and is up from the 141 cases declared successful the state past Friday.

Quebec’s Health Department says 5,895 doses of vaccine person been administered since May 27 to curb the biggest outbreak of the illness successful Canada.

Last week, Montreal officials expanded the city’s vaccination run to each men who person enactment with men, and successful Toronto, authorities started holding clinics to immunize high-risk individuals.

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The uncommon illness comes from the aforesaid household of viruses that origin smallpox, which the World Health Organization declared eradicated astir the globe successful 1980.

Smallpox vaccines person proven effectual successful combating the monkeypox virus.

Monkeypox mostly does not dispersed easy betwixt radical and is transmitted done prolonged adjacent interaction via respiratory droplets, nonstop interaction with tegument lesions oregon bodily fluids, oregon done contaminated apparel oregon bedding.

 Tam' 1:13 Monkeypox consciousness and non-stigmatization important with Pride celebrations coming up: Tam

Monkeypox consciousness and non-stigmatization important with Pride celebrations coming up: Tam

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