Quebec begins releasing data on COVID-19 levels in wastewater

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By Staff The Canadian Press

Posted June 22, 2022 4:57 pm

Quebec’s Health Department has begun releasing information connected the beingness of COVID-19 successful wastewater.

The authorities says the information tin supply aboriginal informing of caller pandemic waves oregon the emergence of caller variants.

Quebec has been screening wastewater for COVID-19 successful Quebec City and the Montreal country since precocious March but lone began releasing the information Wednesday.

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The seven-day mean of wastewater collections suggests a diminution successful the attraction of COVID-19 successful wastewater successful Quebec City, portion successful Montreal, the information suggests a unchangeable concentration.

Dominic Frigon, a McGill University civilian engineering prof who helped make Quebec’s wastewater screening program, says the information tin beryllium utile for detecting trends but adds that COVID-19 levels successful wastewater don’t straight correlate to lawsuit counts.

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Frigon says wastewater information tin besides beryllium affected by different factors, specified arsenic rain, which dilutes the sewage for testing.

The national authorities has been publishing wastewater screening information — including for the Montreal country — online since aboriginal May 2022.

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