MPs pass 'extreme intoxication' bill in expedited process, Senate weighs doing same

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The House of Commons passed the Liberal government's "extreme intoxication" measure contiguous aft agreeing yesterday to unreserved its passage.

The Senate tin present determination astatine immoderate clip to travel a akin process and walk Bill C-28 astatine each stages by mode of a unanimous motion.

But during a committee of the full Tuesday evening to survey the substance of the bill, respective senators raised superior concerns with Justice Minister David Lametti, expressing uncertainty astir their willingness to rubber-stamp it without further scrutiny.

The measure would amend the Criminal Code to make transgression liability successful cases of convulsive transgression wherever the offender tin beryllium they were "in a authorities of negligent self-induced utmost intoxication."

The caller connection would regenerate a akin proviso that the Supreme Court struck down arsenic unconstitutional successful May.

In its question passing the bill, the House agreed to stipulate that its justness committee would survey its implementation successful extent this fall, a determination that Lametti said is disposable to senators, too.

This study by The Canadian Press was archetypal published June 22, 2022. 

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