Migrants burst into southern Mexico asylum office demanding papers

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Migrants, mostly from Haiti, burst into an asylum bureau successful confederate Mexico connected Monday, demanding papers.

Throngs of migrants knocked implicit metallic barricades and rushed into the bureau successful the metropolis of Tapachula, pushing past National Guard officers and constabulary stationed astatine the office. Some of the migrants were trampled by their colleagues successful the rush.

Authorities aboriginal convinced galore to leave, and nary injuries were reported.

The hostility comes arsenic asylum claims successful Mexico person skyrocketed, reaching implicit 100,000 truthful acold this year.

Crowds of frustrated migrants, including galore from Cuba and Honduras, accidental they person had to hold for weeks successful immoderate cases for an assignment astatine the bureau successful Tapachula, adjacent the borderline with Guatemala.

At the office, tally by the Mexican Commission for Refugee Aid, migrants tin record claims for asylum successful Mexico. Most, however, mean to usage the papers to question much safely and easy to the U.S. border.

"It's precise complicated, determination are excessively galore radical here, the Haitians get desperate, they sound implicit the barricades and that lone makes the process slower," said Cuban migrant Miguel Argoten.

Argoten said helium had been waiting a week successful Tapachula to commencement the asylum exertion process. The bureau has been getting astir 2,000 assignment requests per time recently.

Mexico is connected way to person much asylum applications this twelvemonth than ever earlier arsenic the travel of migrants threatens to overwhelm governments of respective Latin American countries on the migratory route.

Andres Ramirez Silva, the manager of Mexico's exile agency, said past week that the fig of asylum applications his bureau receives this twelvemonth could scope 150,000, good supra the 129,000 grounds acceptable successful 2021.

"Effectively we person a gait that is precise supra what we person successful our grounds twelvemonth that was 2021," Ramirez Silva said. If that gait continues helium predicted they could scope 150,000 by year's end. Through August they already had 100,000 -- 25 per cent supra the aforesaid play successful 2021 -- much than fractional astatine Mexico's shared borderline with Guatemala.

Some migrants got unruly during the hold past week and pushed their mode into the agency's offices, which led to the deployment of National Guard officers, who had small luck successful keeping order.

Ramirez Silva said Cubans, Haitians and Hondurans person made up astir 80 per cent of the asylum applications astatine the Tapachula office. He said his bureau had asked the national authorities for much resources to grow its capacity.

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