Martin Sheen says he regrets changing his name for his career

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While Martin Sheen says his sanction is inactive legally Ramon Estévez, helium regrets changing it for his career.

The "West Wing" commencement talked to Closer Weekly astir adopting his signifier name.

"That's 1 of my regrets. I ne'er changed my sanction officially," helium said. "It's inactive Ramon Estévez connected my commencement certificate."

His ineligible sanction is besides connected his matrimony license, passport and driver's license, helium added.

"Sometimes you get persuaded erstwhile you don't person capable penetration oregon adjacent capable courageousness to basal up for what you judge in, and you wage for it later," helium said. "But, of course, I'm lone speaking for myself."

His 2 sons who are actors divided the quality erstwhile it came to the household sanction - Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estévez.

The elder Sheen/ Estévez told the work helium wasn't adjacent alert astatine the clip that his sons had involvement successful his manufacture arsenic helium was excessively engaged focusing connected his ain vocation to effort and supply for his family.

"The lone power I had connected Emilio was to support his name," helium said. "When helium started out, his cause was advising him to alteration his sanction to Sheen and helium wouldn't bash it. And I convey God helium didn't."

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