Lululemon launches workout hijabs, netting 5-star reviews from early purchasers

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Lululemon has taken a large measurement towards inclusion successful its diversion deterioration by introducing a caller enactment of show hijabs designed for moving retired and playing sports. Two workout hijabs person already been released and a 3rd exemplary is connected the mode aboriginal this year.

The postulation was launched connected June 7, according to Women’s Health Magazine, which besides notes that options for workout hijabs are highly limited.

The headscarves are designed to beryllium light-weight and breathable to maximize comfortableness during workouts. The hijabs don’t request to beryllium utilized lone for athletics — they tin besides beryllium a chill enactment to bushed the summertime heat.

Lululemon said that it consulted “hijab wearers crossed the brand’s planetary collective” successful designing its debut diversion headscarves and that the products connection “adjustable fits and distraction-free features to enactment guests during their activities of prime and arsenic they determination passim their day.”

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Both workout hijabs that person been released truthful acold committedness to beryllium sweat-wicking, quick-drying, and capable to agelong successful 4 ways, according to the Canadian diversion apparel company.

The “Lightweight Performance Hijab” is simply a sporty, pull-over headscarf that uses Lululemon’s Lightweight Luxtreme fabric, which is utilized successful a wide scope of Lululemon products from sports bras to leggings. The cloth is billed arsenic “buttery-soft and weightless.”

Lululemon’s “Lightweight Performance Hijab” priced astatine $42. Lululemon

The $42 hijab is disposable successful achromatic and poolside bluish and tin beryllium purchased successful S/M and M/L sizes.

In the merchandise description, Lululemon boasts that this headscarf ensures “comfort and sum for each the ways you move,” and “stays enactment erstwhile you’re moving out.” The institution added that it tin easy beryllium tucked into a shirt.

The merchandise is designed without a pin truthful it tin beryllium pulled connected implicit the head. The backmost of the hijab features “soft gathers” that supply other country to accommodate ponytails and buns. A integrative toggle astatine the backmost allows wearers to set the hijab’s size and fit.

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Lululemon’s “Lightweight Performance Hijab” from the back. Lululemon

The 2nd Lululemon headscarf to motorboat is the “scarf-style Hijab” that buyers tin nab for $38. This hijab comes successful 1 size lone and is 170.18 centimetres by 68.5 centimetres. While the erstwhile merchandise is designed for moving and training, this exemplary is champion suited for low-intensity workouts.

Lululemon is lone offering 1 colour for this merchandise (heathered black) but it was created with adaptability successful mind.

“Tied, twisted, oregon tucked—the prime of however to deterioration it is yours. This scarf hijab has capable magnitude to alteration into immoderate signifier suits you best,” Lululemon wrote connected the merchandise page.

Lululemon’s “scarf-style Hijab” successful heathered black. Lululemon

The institution said it added other Lycra fibre to the cloth of this headscarf “for agelong and signifier retention.”

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A 3rd merchandise titled the “OTM Pull-on Hijab,” is acceptable to motorboat aboriginal this twelvemonth and volition besides diagnostic an over-the-head style.

According to plan outlet TAXI, these workout hijabs person been successful the making for three years.

What radical are saying

Early purchasers of Lululemon’s show hijabs person truthful acold sung its praises.

The “Lightweight Performance Hijab” has netted 4 reviews from buyers and each person rated it 5 stars.

One reviewer wrote, “My non-Muslim person bought maine this arsenic a acquisition and gave (it to) maine arsenic a surprise. I was truthful shocked that this benignant of happening was adjacent designed! It fits similar a mitt and feels ace comfortable. This is dissimilar immoderate hijab I’ve worn during my workouts and I’m truthful so SO gladsome that was designed. It’s conscionable perfect!!”

“I person nary request for 1 but my bosom swells seeing adjacent much availability and inclusivity for everyone,” different reviewer wrote. “This conscionable makes maine truthful HAPPY!! Well done Lululemon!”

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The “Scarf-style Hijab” has 3.5 stars retired of 5 from 2 reviews. A 5 prima reappraisal praised it for being light-weight but a two-star reappraisal said the colour was excessively acheronian and the cloth was excessively dense for them.

Many of the reviews crossed the 2 products called for Lululemon to connection much colour options but according to immoderate societal media screenshots, the institution whitethorn person really removed a mahogany reddish enactment from the “Scarf-style Hijab.”

Welcome to capitalism: @lululemon makes hijabs present wherever 1 of the colours is virtually called “mulled wine”???

Thanks for trying, I guess???

— Mustafa Haddara | Free Palestine BLM ACAB (@MustafaHaddara) June 13, 2022

Users denounced the colour prime for being called “mulled wine,” since intoxicant is considered haraam successful Islam and its depletion is forbidden.

Not @lululemon naming a colour of their sports hijab ‘Mulled Wine’ 💀

— Syakirin Rosik (@syakirinrosik) June 13, 2022

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Many others were excited by Lululemon’s propulsion for inclusion. The Canadian institution joins the ranks of Nike, Adidas and Under Armour, which besides connection workout hijabs.

@lululemon OMG my prayers person been answered! Y’all yet transportation hijabs – present if lone my different requests instrumentality heed and y’all make longer tops and a aquatics line!!! I’m truthful excited!!!

— blxksusan (@BlxkSusan) June 9, 2022

Lululemon demonstrating inclusive diversion cogwheel by including hijabs successful their lineup of accessories. Way to go! 🧕💕@lululemon #inclusivity #hijab #diversity #EDI

— Samara Chitayat Lepofsky (@SChitayat) June 19, 2022

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Really funny to spot what radical deliberation of the @lululemon “Performance Hijabs” erstwhile they’ve had a accidental to effort them out. I americium suspending each skepticism and anticipation they’re truly large 😊

— Sonia Kang (@Sonia_Kang) June 8, 2022

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