Hundreds of out-of-work Canadian film, TV workers tap into $1.2M in aid: charity

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A nationalist foundation serving radical successful the amusement manufacture says it has doled retired $1.2 cardinal successful assistance to Canadians affected by the Hollywood actors and writers strikes.

The AFC, formerly known arsenic the Actors' Fund of Canada, says much than 500 movie and TV workers person tapped into exigency fiscal enactment since the Writers Guild of America walked disconnected the occupation connected May 2.

Executive manager David Hope says the request escalated erstwhile the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists walked disconnected the occupation July 14 and shuttered much sets.

He says much than 500 further applicants are seeking assistance but the AFC's exigency fiscal assistance programme has already been depleted for the year. It's turning to the nationalist for donations.

The dual SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes halted astir U.S. productions changeable successful Canada, putting tens of thousands of section endowment and crews retired of work.

Hope says galore of those are gig workers who are struggling to bargain food, wage their rent oregon owe and conscionable different basal needs. They see actors, directors and crew.

"Members of the nationalist often comprehend the movie and TV concern arsenic glamorous and that folks successful the concern are precise highly paid and unrecorded a beingness of luxury. Really, they're moving folks similar everybody else," Hope said Monday.

"Because it's gig work, it's rather variable. People had a dependable income and they were paying their owe and they were feeding their kids based connected that. That enactment is gone now."

The AFC offers up to $2,000 to radical who are astir astatine risk, and besides provides wellness webinars and sessions connected however to find impermanent work.

"You know, that $2,000, if you unrecorded successful Toronto oregon Vancouver oregon galore different places, is not adjacent capable to wage your rent," Hope said.

"We're capable to bargain radical a small spot of clip to assistance them negociate their situations and to assistance them find alternatives that volition transportation them done to the extremity of the strikes, whenever those mightiness be."

Hope said the formed and producers of the B.C.-shot bid "The Good Doctor" donated much than $10,000 to the AFC successful caller weeks, and that included contributions from stars Freddie Highmore, Paige Spara, Will Yun Lee and Daniel Dae Kim.

Hope said a akin magnitude came from the formed and producers of the B.C.-shot bid "Fire Country," with donors including co-creators Tony Phelan and Max Thieriot, and stars Diane Farr, Billy Burke, Kevin Alejandro and Stephanie Arcila.

This study by The Canadian Press was archetypal published Sept. 18, 2023.

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