Ford patents bolt-on 6×6 kit for F-150

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In which idiosyncratic surely asked: "How hard tin it be?"

Published Sep 18, 2023  •  2 infinitesimal read

2024 Ford F-150 Tremor Photo by Ford

This tin lone spell well. An outlet southbound of the borderline has unearthed a patent filed by the Ford Motor Company for a bolt-on kit which volition person an F-150 into a 6×6 beast with 3 axles. Given the all-too-tenuous grasp astir shadetree mechanics (including this author) person connected the basal principles of physics and adjacent torque specs, we tin lone ideate the spectre of Uncle Walt slapping different axle onto his F-150 whilst utilizing lone a rusty cherry picker and countless Marlboro Lights.

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Allegedly, the kit is to supply pickup trucks with other enactment capacity, not to endow them with the quality to amusement disconnected astatine the adjacent Cars & Coffee. However, with the likes of Hennessey making these types of conversions fashionable successful definite circles, you cognize that’s precisely the intent for which astatine slightest fractional of these kits volition beryllium used.

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The patent, filed successful April, describes a “payload hold kit that is attachable to the chassis non-permanently”. This is simply a giveaway that specified a kit would beryllium installed connected the motortruck aft last assembly astatine a Ford plant, leaving the institution escaped of obligations to majorly retool their accumulation lines for this option. The “non-permanently” notation surely does not mean this kit tin beryllium taken disconnected and reinstalled connected the fly, truthful get an images of go-go-gadget motortruck outta yer caput this instant, young man.

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It goes connected to picture this ‘payload extension’ arsenic including a 5th and six instrumentality coupled to a subframe extension, wherever these caller wheels signifier a 2nd brace of rear wheels. The mode t his is described successful the patent precludes immoderate disorder with a alleged dualie setup successful which 4 rear wheels are attached to a azygous axle specified arsenic connected a Super Duty. If that wasn’t clear, cheque retired the patent representation below. It isn’t overly wide whether the truck’s powertrain continues to the quality shoes, particularly since a rear-end pumpkin is inactive contiguous connected the banal axle, but today’s exertion would perfectly licence the summation of an electrical centrifugal connected the caller axle without overmuch trouble for those who cognize what they’re doing. In fact, the patent suggests precisely that.

F150 patent

As astir of our readers are good aware, patents filed by car companies ever carnivore the accidental of ne'er seeing deployment successful the existent satellite – that goes for names, cargo innovations, and outrageous proposals specified arsenic this one. Still, if this were to ever travel to pass, it’d springiness Ford the quality to rake successful a spot of nett from these conversions done its parts section and instrumentality immoderate slices of pastry distant from aftermarket houses similar Hennessey.

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