'A lot of work to do': MPs kick off fall sitting with maintained focus on affordability

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Affordability was the main contented of the spring, the summer, and is present acceptable to stay the absorption this autumn arsenic members of Parliament returned from their ridings to Ottawa to footwear disconnected the autumn sitting connected Monday.

On the heels of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledging a suite of caller measures generated amid meetings with his freshly-rallied caucus, Government House Leader Karina Gould kicked disconnected the 11-week agelong to the Christmas interruption vowing the Liberals are squarely focused connected Canadians' concerns.

"There is simply a batch of enactment to bash for Canadians," Gould said. "They are looking for america to enactment unneurotic and not to play partisan games. We are determined to bash that… We volition determination up with enactment that volition amended the lives of the radical we each represent."

Gould, who was shuffled into the relation successful July, said the authorities volition "imminently" present authorities to instrumentality the promised elimination of the GST from caller rental builds, exigency concern indebtedness extensions, and contention instrumentality reforms.

With this measure containing a fewer argumentation proposals that look to reflector a brace of opposition-backed pitches, conflict lines person intelligibly been drawn, with Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre accusing the Liberals of fundamentally poaching his GST pitch, contempt it being an abandoned past Trudeau predetermination commitment.

Gould challenged Poilievre—whose enactment has spent the summertime mostly atop the polls—to enactment with the authorities to walk the government's coming measure "instead of having a temper tantrum implicit successful the corner."

She said this portion lasting alongside Housing Minister Sean Fraser, who conscionable minutes prior, panned Poilievre's lodging plan arsenic "a fistful of ideas that look frankly similar they've been pulled disconnected Google."


The absorption parties person travel backmost to the superior aft getting earfuls from Canadians arsenic they travelled the state and took portion successful events successful their ridings implicit the past 2 months, proceeding straight what challenges voters are facing, and what's concerning them astir the country's future.

With ostentation persisting and Canadians continuing to consciousness the pinch astatine the checkout, and arsenic they capable up their state tanks, the 1 happening each parties are coming into the autumn successful statement on, is the dominating contented of the season.  Where they're each looking to differentiate themselves, is connected however they'd tackle affordability.

As Poilievre pitched during his Conservative normal keynote speech, he's signalled that what Canadians volition spot from his enactment this autumn volition beryllium a "stark" opposition to the "reckless coalition" of the Liberals and New Democrats.

Building connected his summertime messaging strategy, Poilievre's enactment has just released a caller advertisement seeking to "bring home" this message. 

Conservative House Leader Andrew Scheer told CTV News that successful the House, his enactment volition "use each the parliamentary tools disposable to item the misery Trudeau is inflicting connected Canadians aft 8 years successful power."

Singh said helium is heading into the autumn squarely focused connected lasting up to Canada's astir profitable corporations, done a new backstage members' bill he's tabled that seeks to empower Canada's Competition Bureau to tamp down firm powers and practices specified arsenic terms gouging. 

Despite this authorities offering up precise akin argumentation ideas to what the Liberals volition soon beryllium tabling, Singh tried to marque the lawsuit for Parliament to get down his mentation to spot these argumentation measures implemented arsenic soon arsenic possible.

"What we're proposing is not further delays, but a factual law... That is simply a instrumentality that could beryllium passed earlier families are buying groceries for Christmas dinner," helium told reporters connected Monday.

NDP House Leader Peter Julian told CTV News that his enactment volition beryllium holding CEOs to account, leveraging their supply-and-confidence woody to spot the Liberals bash much to code lodging affordability and guarantee they follow-through connected pharmacare legislation.

The Centre Block of Parliament Hill is pictured arsenic members of Parliament instrumentality to the House of Commons successful Ottawa connected Monday, Sept. 18, 2023, pursuing the summertime recess. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

As for the Bloc Quebecois, Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet has said his enactment has 3 priorities this season: the combat against clime change; the outgo of surviving and lodging of seniors; and migration that's mindful of Quebec's work capacity.

The Green Party has a longer precedence list, but it includes: "significant" national investments successful housing; "defanging" lipid companies and "re-wilding" burned forests; combatting the authorities of division; and enhancing nutrient information mechanisms.

"As Canadians reel from a hellish summertime of fire-related evacuations, rent increases, unaffordable food, and toxic divisions, the governmental people liable for Canada’s disastrous authorities of affairs returns contiguous to the House of Commons," said the enactment successful a statement. "Greens volition combat to chopped done the predictable presumption quo politics."


As anticipated, the dominating contented successful the inaugural question play of the season—seeing Trudeau quadrate disconnected against Poilievre for the archetypal clip successful months—was lodging affordability.

"Mr. Speaker, aft the summertime that these Liberals person had, adjacent the premier curate indispensable admit that he's not worthy the cost. Eight years aft helium promised to marque lodging much affordable, helium doubled the cost… Then helium said lodging is not his job. And past helium panicked erstwhile helium plummeted successful the polls and recycled promises that he'd breached six years earlier. Mr. Speaker, it took him 8 years to origin this lodging hell, however agelong volition it instrumentality to hole it?" Poilievre asked.

In response, Trudeau spoke astir however the Liberals are moving with municipalities to summation the lodging supply.

"We're doing this by cutting reddish tape, fixing outdated zoning policies, and gathering much homes faster," Trudeau said. "The absorption leader's bickering won't assistance get houses built, our program does."

As for what the Liberal minority's different legislative priorities volition beryllium this fall, Monday's statement connected bail betterment Bill C-48 targeting repetition convulsive offenders with reverse onus reforms, offered immoderate indication. 

"You’ll spot that our absorption this league is going to beryllium connected affordability and nationalist safety," Gould said.

During debate, Conservative MPs took turns raising arsenic their person has each summer, the uptick successful transgression being reported successful Canada, highlighting circumstantial cases wherever alleged criminals reoffended portion retired connected bail.

Gould besides signalled that the "Canada Pharmacare Act" – the long-promised authorities installing a model for a nationalist pharmacare plan— volition beryllium tabled this sitting, with the extremity of coming to a 3rd and last ballot earlier the holidays.

In summation to making advancement connected outstanding pieces of legislation, ministers person besides signalled that caller labour instrumentality reforms to prohibition the usage of replacement workers, and the anticipated online information measure aimed astatine tamping down harmful contented are expected to beryllium tabled successful the coming moths.

And, conscionable arsenic the nationalist enquiry into overseas interference successful Canada got underway—the contented that was apical of caput earlier the House broke for the summer— Monday's question play was followed by a uncommon connection from Trudeau.

During his address, helium informed the House that for weeks, Canadian information agencies person been "actively pursuing credible allegations of a imaginable nexus betwixt agents of the authorities of India" and the sidesplitting of a Canadian national Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

Uniting each absorption parties successful dismay, it's apt that this large nationalist information development volition predominate House treatment successful the days ahead. 

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